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Get Your Music Heard by Real People with Digital Music Marketing.
Since the beginning of our existence we have been actively helping major artists, brands and elite musicians launch and significantly enhance their music careers with innovative music marketing strategies designed for real growth. We encourage our clients to embrace all aspects of the music business which has relied heavily as of late on effective digital approaches to music marketing. Labels and music sponsors are looking for effective networks to embed their products and advertisements in and understand it's not so much the number anymore but a targeted approach that's less likely to fail and will meet projections. The internet is a system and it is your job as a serious music entity to establish your place, monetize it and grow it. What makes us different and how our company has been able to help music businesses for so long is because we are a full service digital marketing company that specializes in music marketing. Our clients choose us for website design work, song and video promotions, campaign management, music monetization and more.

Music website design companies
We Design The Most Fan Engaging Music Websites
In 2016, having a music website is a necessity and we aren't just talking about a do-it-yourself one. If your website isn't fan-engaging, designed for mobile, successfully collecting new sign-ups, monetized with a music store and "music seo" optimized, your setting yourself years back in regards to growth. Not just that but did you know that you can't qualify for a verified Facebook page without having a website? Yes, it's little secrets like these that tend to hold the "un-knowing" back, but this is also the reason why you must invest in your craft so that you can get help from knowledgeable people that will take out the "wasted time" aspect when it comes to your music career. Our web design team take away the hassle of getting a professionally built website designed for the future and will help you gain an edge over the competition. Our clients choose us because our innovative approach allows us to build websites that actively engage their audiences leading to more plays on resources like Soundcloud and more followers on social media for them. Check out this artist who gave us permission to use his website as proof here.

Social media marketing for musicians
Get Real Engagement and Real People to your Social Media profiles.
The foundation social media has been built on is Location. Popular social sharing sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are built to keep you locked within your locality. It takes consistent social media management to overcome this hurdle in order to get discovered by users outside of your network/location. We assist our clients in getting more followers by first focusing on getting more engagement to their profiles. All you simply have to do is post engaging content and our job is to get you more likes, shares retweets and favorites using our proprietary advertising system that will get your posts in front of more people. Real people will see your posts which will lead to more exposure, more people seeing your name and posts leading to more real followers. You can get strategic help with your social media marketing by choosing our digital marketing management service.
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Online branding for musicians
Grow Your Music Business Fast with Brand Management.
One of the first steps to understanding why you need to treat your music business as a brand is understanding how music listeners discover new music they like. You may be at a point as of right now where you have music on Soundcloud and endless video's on YouTube and have seen some good exposure but still find it difficult to get good consistent results each and every campaign. Imagine your were to go viral for one of your songs tomorrow and everyone knows your name however when they "google" your name or your songs they can't find you. Or maybe, they go to look for your brand on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Play and your not there either. This leads to missed opportunities for making money and can be the difference between your career flourishing or failing.
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Music promotion services by juss russ digital music marketing
Get Real Plays For Your Songs on Soundcloud, YouTube & more.
We are one of the only resources providing real song promotion for unsigned and major artists. With so many places to buy Soundcloud plays and YouTube views there isn't much talk about getting listens from real people. What makes digital music marketing different is that we provide an organic marketing experience that incorporates real email blasts, song reviews, and resources like Juss Russ Radio to get your content in front of real people every time. When you feel as though you have reached the bulk of your audience on social media and looking to reach new listeners outside of your network you need real music promotion in 2016.
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Hire artist music marketing manager
Hire A Music Marketing Manager For Expert Assistance & Growth.
Moving your music forward can be difficult. I mean let's face it, honestly it's difficult enough getting to the point where your music has reached high quality sound sonically, original production, dynamic cover art and a visual to add to the audio. By the time you get to marketing your music, you probably can't afford to get it wrong. You need a music marketing manager. Our clients love this service because it comes with a personal marketing manager from our company who assists you by getting to know you and your mission as well as setting your monthly budget that will be used to create a strategy using our music related services designed to reach your goals and provide you with free weekly consultation with your marketing manager to help take your music to the next level quickly. When our clients choose this service they choose it because it allows them to bundle more services in one understanding why they need it and how it will progress their overall mission with the help of an industry professional. Why just get promotion when you need branding, social media verifications, professional website design, music monetization, digital distribution and guaranteed results. 
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