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Music Promotion That Works is a music marketing service and guide for musicians. Providing SEO for musicians and music promotion on Soundcloud, YouTube, Datpiff and more. Music Promotion That Works! is a service and guide for musicians looking to get their songs heard on Soundcloud and YouTube. In 2015 we will host music promotion services for any budget. As a serious musician myself, it's easy to understand that there aren't a lot of quality places to get organic music promotion that helps you to get real fans and listeners. With our professional online promotion platform we publish your sounds and video's on the top Video and Social media networks in order to reach fans accross a diverse set of online mediums. From YouTube promotion to Soundcloud promotion we get you real plays and results that can be accounted for on your sites and other mediums that report organic data statistics. As an example: Soundcloud is a great resource to publish your sounds due to the fact that if you pay to have a  premium unlimited account they supply you with loads of information regarding where your fans are coming from. From city to state, apps they heard your songs on to who listened the most in the past week, month and year. Get artist song promotion on a variety of platforms from Soundcloud promotion packages, YouTube promotion services, Twitter advertising, Facebook Fan page marketing, Local SEO services and more! Call 502-202-4002 for more information.

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Our goal is to turn musicians into professional and marketable brands that will gain popularity and attention from a growing targeted fan base that can lead to potential business ventures for your brand in the future. We do this by helping you to expose your sounds, products and merchandise to a large audience through highly successful and repeatable music marketing campaigns. We understand what it takes and what goes in to making a creative project musically and when it comes to advertising it that can be the most unclear aspect of it all. 

Call for a free consultation: in order to set up a customized artist promotion package, questions regarding one of our music promotion services and ways we help showcase your talent to a growing audience.

We have first hand experience what industry music professionals are looking for in reference to the complete versatile artist. We know what it takes to get the attention of A&R's, labels and management executives who ultimately make the delicate decision of choosing mainstream artists. Many Indie artists and musicians wonder what it takes to get heard by a label or how to get heard by A&R's and the answer is to let the fans get you signed. Grow your fan base and prove to the labels that you deserve a lucrative deal. Showcase your talent to the world and let the world choose your destiny!

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Promotion Tips: Why Indie Songs Go Unheard

Probably one of the biggest mistakes independent artist and musicians make is simply not realizing or considering the importance of treating their craft as a branded business. If you digest what we are relaying to you, this could be one of the most simple yet most revealing statements on this site. Like any business, a start-up is typically not known by many people if anyone at all. Therefore, if a large group of people don't know about your brand which is typically your (Artist Name) then how will they ever find out or listen to your products which are typically (Songs and Merchandise.) Like most businesses this is how a musician/artist starts out their musical career. With the idea to pursue music and then finding ways to create and publish their content.

Many artists initially grow their fan base through word of mouth. This gets the ball rolling and hopefully with some dedicated initial fans you can begin to identify ways you can improve and garner a larger audience. However this proves to be more easier said than done. Promote your music and songs online! Most artist take to social media in order to publicly reach out to potential fans hoping they will catch the time to listen to a track of theirs they may have posted on their wall, direct messages or group. This tactic can become very spammy however.

Treat Yourself as a Brand and You Will Go Far in Your Musical Pursuits! Many users online agree that Indie artists tend to overdue it when it comes to posting on their wall, or sharing content trying to gain new listeners. This technique can be a turn off and actually cause you to lose potential fans. Most fans don't want to find out about an artist new song from the actual artist themselves. They believe that if the song is of genuine quality than someone else will post on your behalf as a recommendation. To be successful using this technique its best to get others to post and share your music for you, it looks more organic and appealing to a potential listener.

Get Your Songs Heard

  • Independent Artist aren't finding new creative ways to advertise their songs online.
  • Indie Artist spend more money towards the creative process than the advertising and marketing aspect.
  • Musicians have trouble finding legitimate ways to garner fans and song plays without buying fake views and followers.
  • Musicians at times will look for a quick route buying fake song plays and listens which aren't from real people which defeats the purpose.
  • Most Artists rarely even give their creative projects 30 days worth of consistent promotion and marketing online.
  • Instead of taking their brand into their own hands, artists will delegate this task to someone without much more experience than themselves.
  • Blind leading the Blind when it comes to successful promotional strategies for advertising music.
  • Artists don't treat their songs like a product, nor do they treat their brand like a business.
  • Artists believe that talent without hard work can somehow get them heard and potentially a record deal if their great enough.
  • Artists don't take advantage of all the music platforms out there: Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Bandcamp, Myspace and YouTube to name a few.     

Don't Buy Fake Plays


Promote a Remix or Cover

Sell Your Music on Bandcamp

What Does an Example of a Properly Branded and Promoted Song Online Look Like:

Song Ideas

A remix is a great way to get exposure! I find it odd that in many cases Independent artist look down on the Remix/Cover song method however many of today's elite artist either were founded initially off of a remix that went viral or they continue to make remix/cover songs in order to keep their name buzzing in between albums and special projects.

Reasons a Remix or Cover Song Can Be a Great Promotional Tool as a Musician:
  • Fans tend to gravitate easier to a remix of a popular song versus finding out about a new Indie artist through an original piece of work.
  • By recording and publishing a remix you give yourself the opportunity to get found by fans looking for the original version or remix versions of the song.
  • It's a great way to get more song downloads and even song plays on top music sites like Soundcloud and Datpiff as well as
  • It's not uncommon for the original owner of the work to check and see if anyone may have done better than them on their own original song.
  • A cover song is a great way to let listeners and potential fans hear how comparable you are to a major recording artist.

Can People Search For Your Brand on Google

If a thousand people right now went to type in your name on Google Search, what would they find? Would they find you? Would they find someone else also known by your brand name? It's important to establish yourself on this widely popular search engine because true fans tend to want to find more of your content and the most reliable resource by most of humanity when it comes to finding things is Google. Today things have changed and how you show up for your name on Google is like the modern day Resume. It's the modern day copyright! So you have ASCAP and BMI but you don't show up for your own copy-written name? Do a Google search for your name as we speak and return to this site. Then click here to search Juss Russ on Google Search.

The Benefits of a Well Established Google Search Presence:
  • New and Current Fans will be able to find you on the sites that they use often: like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • It gives potential fans and listeners an easy and one stop resource to find all of your related brand content.
  • Labels and Industry professionals are for the most part lazy, they would much like to be able to search your name and see loads of trending content about you.
  • People trust the Google search results therefore they will compare your results to those of a major artists. Anything less is a turn off.
  • Every popular music website has a "search engine," which means users and fans have many ways to find you, but you must show up. We can help! Choose our SEO packages.

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