Start An Organic Music Promotion Campaign

We are one of few resources available online providing real music promotion for unsigned and independent artists looking to make an impact in the underground music community and beyond. With so many places to buy Soundcloud plays and YouTube views there isn't much talk about getting listens and views from real people. That’s where we are different from the competition. What makes us different is really at our core essence. We promote music with a focus on digital marketing strategies that have been proven to drive targeted traffic to a particular piece of content. In this case it would be an artists music, website, brand or album. We provide an organic marketing experience that values pitching your music to real music fans in order to get an authentic reaction. We take pride in hosting organic promotion campaigns that incorporates real email blasts, social media shares, song reviews, and features on popular independent music blogs designed to get you in front of real people and tell your story.

Explain Your Journey With A Music Website

Having a music website is a necessity and we aren't just talking about a do-it-yourself one. If your website isn't fan-engaging, designed for mobile, successfully collecting new subscriptions, monetized with a music store and "music seo" optimized, your setting yourself years back in regards to the competition. Not just that but did you know that you can't qualify for a verified Facebook page without having a website? Yes, it's little secrets like these that tend to hold the majority of artist back, but this is also the reason why you must invest in your craft so that you can get help from knowledgeable people that will take out the "wasted time" aspect when it comes to your growth. Our team will set you up with a professional website built for the future designed to get you more plays, more money and more engagement from fans. You can check out a few example sites our team designed using the button below.

Turn Your Hobby Into A Successful Music Business

One of the first steps to understanding why you need to treat your music business as a brand is understanding how music listeners and labels discover new music. A brand is something that is built over time and contains things like your discography (list of music over time), official music website, easy access to your most frequently updated social media pages and news related content. All of these things make up your brand and tell your story. This isn’t something built over night… it’s something your building over the course of your entire career. Imagine your were to go viral for one of your songs today and your getting played on the radio and everyone knows your name but when they go to search for you or your music online they can't find you. Or maybe, they go to look for you on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Play and your not there either. This leads to missed opportunities for making money and can actually damage your career opportunity-wise. Labels and sponsors sign work with artists who are branded.