Get Your Music Heard by Real People in 2018

Since the beginning of our existence we have been actively helping artists, brands and elite musicians launch and significantly enhance their music careers with innovative music marketing strategies designed for real growth. We encourage our clients to embrace all aspects of the music business which has relied heavily as of late on effective digital approaches to music marketing. Labels and music sponsors alike are looking to sign and partner with artists who have built an effective network that they can embed their products and advertisements in to leading to revenue for the label or sponsor. The internet is a system and it is your job as a serious music entity to establish your place, monetize it and grow it. What makes us different and how our company has been able to help music businesses successfully is because we are a full service digital marketing company that specializes in music marketing. Our clients choose us for website design services, song & video promotion, branding, monetization and more.


We Design The Most Fan Engaging Music Websites

Having a music website is a necessity and we aren't just talking about a do-it-yourself one. If your website isn't fan-engaging, designed for mobile, successfully collecting new subscriptions, monetized with a music store and "music seo" optimized, your setting yourself years back in regards to the competition. Not just that but did you know that you can't qualify for a verified Facebook page without having a website? Yes, it's little secrets like these that tend to hold the majority of artist back, but this is also the reason why you must invest in your craft so that you can get help from knowledgeable people that will take out the "wasted time" aspect when it comes to your growth. Our team will set you up with a professional website built for the future designed to get you more plays, more money and more engagement from fans. You can check out a few example sites our team designed using the button below.

branding your music artist

Grow Your Music Business with Artist Branding

One of the first steps to understanding why you need to treat your music business as a brand is understanding how music listeners discover new music they like. A brand is something that is built over time and contains things like your discography (list of music over time), official music website, easy access to your most frequently updated social media pages and news related content or interviews where people are talking about you or your brand. Imagine your were to go viral for one of your songs tomorrow and your getting played on the radio and everyone knows your name however when they go to search for your name or your songs they can't find you. Or maybe, they go to look for your brand on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Play and your not there either. This leads to missed opportunities for making money and can actually make or break your young career. Labels sign artists who are branded. That's one of the main reasons why 'if you've ever searched a new artist' they have a lot of content already out that you didn't even know existed. It shows you that each artist is building their brand before they make it big and get discovered.

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Get Real Plays with our Music Promotion Services

We are one of few resources providing real music promotion for unsigned and indie artists on the rise. With so many places to buy Soundcloud plays and YouTube views there isn't much talk about getting listens from real people. What makes digital music marketing different is that we provide an organic approach that values pitching your music to real music fans. We provide a targeted experience that incorporates real email blasts, song reviews, and resources like popular indie music blogs to get your content in front of real people each and every time. 

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Hire A Music Marketing Manager for Assistance

For artists who need help incorporating digital marketing into their strategy you need a music marketing manager. We continue to offer elite professional assistance to our most valued clients who by hiring one of our music marketing managers to manage their budget is electing to build a relationship with a professional that will continue to grow over time. Our clients who use this service love it because not only are they able to get customized packages and services that aren't listed on our site but they also get free consultation that allows them to have a clear understanding of what their ordering and how it will help them reach their goals. It gives them a way to go over strategic options with an industry professional and ask questions and get feedback. Why just get promotion when you need branding, social media verifications, web design, monetization, digital distribution, branding and more.