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Hire A Music Marketing Manager For Enhanced Growth

When it comes to deciding if you need a music marketing manager, you should first ponder on your goals and strengths as an artist, brand or music business. Do your short and long term goals align with your personal strengths as a creator? As the wave of millennial artists, brands and music businesses continue to take shape in 2017, new undiscovered talent are entering the music industry with more than just a few talents in their arsenal.

From the producer/artist combinations to the engineer/artist/producer combinations; the access to endless information online continues to help a growing pool of new artists seeking to enhance their musical skill sets. But what about developing those skill sets in strategic planning, organic growth, setting promotion goals and reaching them; what about the overall importance of growing your brand online, having a website and ultimately monetizing your music/products. How do you know your doing what it takes to reach your goal of getting to the next level.

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Having a music marketing manager is probably one of the most strategic weapons a musician can have in 2016 and moving forward in this digital age. The entertainment industry stands to get the biggest returns on our growing addiction to technology and the delivery of entertainment. What this also means is that investing in a career as an entertainer continues to bring back returns at the highest level. What it takes to win in this digital age however is less known to entertainers and businesses across all sectors. Our staff of managers are leading individuals in their fields with the highest degrees in their fields. Our staff has been connecting independent musicians and undiscovered artists to major opportunities since 2012. Our overall mission is growing your business and your brand. We do this through website design services, social media marketing and music promotion services. Having a marketing manager allows you to get guidance, strategic implementation and guaranteed growth.

Hire A Music Marketing Manager

Price: $249.99

Package Details

  • Your assigned a marketing manager
  • Discuss your goals and key focuses
  • Your manager provides pro-guidance
  • A plan of action is set and agreed to
  • Implementation begins quickly
  • All organic and strategic results
  • All organic and strategic approach


With this package you will receive access to a Digital Marketing music manager with industry knowledge who will assist you with growing your brand online. You will be contacted by phone for a routine one hour phone consultation. This is a great time for your campaign manager to get to know more about your brand and your short term as well as long term goals. Your manager will discuss a strategy and action plan that will be implemented in order to grow your brand quickly. Your length of term sets your budget and your budget will be used to render services we provide that will be agreed to by you and your marketing manager before the package begins.

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