Soundcloud Followers (2018 Guide) To Getting Followers on SoundCloud Easily

soundcloud followers guide

In this guide you will learn the most effective ways to get more followers on Soundcloud in 2017. Most guides to getting Soundcloud followers are outdated and much has changed in 2017. This guide is guaranteed to help you get more Soundcloud followers as long as you follow these steps. It is important to note that getting followers on Soundcloud is no easy task and although our tips are proven to work in 2017, it can still be quite cumbersome to implement them. No matter your current status as a musician this guide is proven to work for all genres of music and will help you surpass milestones such as getting your first 1000 followers on Soundcloud or even your first 10,000 followers on Soundcloud when done correctly. Follow the steps in order and you could be on your way to stardom.


This is probably one of the MOST overlooked steps by musicians when it comes to getting your first 100 to 1000 Soundcloud followers quickly. Yes you heard correct, you can get your first 100 to 1000 Soundcloud followers by simply creating your musician account correctly. Soundcloud is such a popular resource for discovering music that it is safe to say that many of your friends and family use the platform for a variety of reasons. The top reason usually for discovery. Have you noticed that any time you create a new account (whether it be for Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook and loads of other social media platforms) the first thing you are asked to enter is an EMAIL. Sites like Soundcloud use your email in order to establish connections with people you already know or have real relationships with. 

create soundcloud account

Most artists will create a brand new email account to use specifically for their music related resources like Soundcloud. This sounds like a great idea in theory! I mean you can easily keep track of your music related emails and hopefully avoid much of the spam that tends to plague emails we created long ago for sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Instagram. However, when you do this, your pretty much telling Soundcloud that you have (no real connections) which makes it difficult for them to help you get discovered by people you know that use the platform. So to avoid this, the best thing to do when creating your Soundcloud account is to create it using a Facebook account. This alone will pull all of your friends list in to your contacts and those who use Soundcloud are ten times more likely to find and follow you on the platform. 

soundcloud continue with facebook

After creating your new Soundcloud account specifically through the (Facebook) option it is important to finish setting up your account using a desktop computer. Only on desktop are you able to edit things like your description, profile url, connect social media sites like Twitter and add high quality images to your profile making it easier for your first 100 to 1000 followers understand that this is the authentic Soundcloud account for a person they are familiar with. It's a fact that people follow users ten times as much as a musician who doesn't have a high quality profile picture, cover art and location information. This means avoiding camera phone shots, adding a real location and taking advantage of a photo shoot with a photographer who is good at taking the right shot and also good with editing that shot. Check out this example profile below and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I easily tell who this artist is (by name)

  • Can I visually get an idea of (what this artist looks like) based on their profile picture

  • Can I easily decipher (where) this artist is located

  • Does the (profile url) include the artists name

soundcloud profile

After adding your visuals, name, location and profile url it is time to complete your profile description also known as (your bio) and connecting your most important social media sites and website links. The reason this is an important step when creating your music profile on Soundcloud is because people want to know more about you and your mission. A proper description will not only explain who the artist is but also things like (your primary genre, location, years doing music and any recent works like albums or mixtapes available on other sites). Connecting social media sites and other important links will at the very least (give you the opportunity to get more followers on other resources like Twitter) but also help search engines like (Google) understand which other social media sites officially represent the artist. Below is an example of a properly created description and links section.

proper soundcloud profile description and links


First off you should always be using a desktop computer when your ready to upload your music. Using anything else will simply keep you from taking advantage of unique Soundcloud options like 'tags, song descriptions, metadata and your unique permissions'. Uploading a song to Soundcloud and filling out just the title will set you back especially when you have a song that has the potential to be a hit. Just like when creating your Soundcloud account, you want to add an interesting song description. Including facts like (who produced it, is is part of an album or other library of work, what is the song about) are all things that will engage the listener further and could be the deciding factor between your song being a song they like versus a song they love. When it comes to audio on Soundcloud there isn't an official video associated that helps tell your story the way you want it to be told, that is why its important to tell your songs story in the song description. 

soundcloud song basic info

The more details you can give in your songs basic info the more fans will appreciate your uploads. Now that you have successfully edited your song description it is important to fill out the rest of the basic info. In your title it is important to remember that it isn't necessary to add your artist name in the title. Simply adding the name of the song will suffice and tends to look much cleaner to the listener. Next you want to be sure to edit the song url. Good strategies to use for your song url creation is including terms like (download) if the song is available for download, (mp3) if the song is in mp3 format and will actually do wonders for your SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. See our example of a proper Soundcloud url below.

soundcloud song info

As you can see in the above image, there are a few things you should ALWAYS remember to do when uploading your songs. The area where it says 'GENRE' is important and helps Soundcloud categorize your music in to potential top charts. Using custom genres will actually hurt your chances of getting featured in Soundcloud's top charts and its a common best practice as a new artist or up and coming musician to always use the genre (INDIE) as your primary tag. We have seen many artists get in to Soundcloud's top indie charts after reaching anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 real organic hits within 24 hours. This may sound like a lot of plays but if you reach this milestone and happen to use the tag INDIE, you can easily reach your first 100,000 plays thanks to Soundcloud adding you to their very popular indie top 50. Also many major music labels use these charts daily to find new talent they like. So you can virtually increase your discovery rate and get that label contract by using the proper tags. See the chart screenshot below.

Now that you have successfully added your basic song info it is time for the much more tedious and may be even harder to understand section called 'METADATA'. The metadata is a technical section and should be completed the best you can. The Soundcloud song metadata asks for details like the (publisher, artist name, ISRC code, composer, release title, buy link, album title, record label, release date, barcode, explicit content, ISWC and P Line). By adding all of these details you can set yourself up to get your song added to the coveted 'SOUNDCLOUD GO'. Soundcloud Go is a platform that Soundcloud created to get artists paid for streams. The only way you can get paid using Soundcloud is by releasing your music through a digital distributor. Examples are Distro Kid, TuneCore, CD Baby among others. When you properly release a single you will receive all of the information Soundcloud is asking for in the METADATA. Below is a breakdown of what each of the things we mentioned in the METADATA means and where you can find it.

soundcloud metadata
  • Publisher - who published the work for distribution - this can be yourself or a label - you can sign up as your own Publisher by using ASCAP or BMI.

  • Artist Name - obviously this your official artist name - pretty straight forward

  • ISRC Code - this code is given to a work that is released for sale or digital distribution - you can get this code from CD Baby, TuneCore or DistroKid when you pay to release a single to resources like Apple Music

  • Composer - this is often the producer - always give credit to whoever made the beat - this can help people who know the composer - discover you

  • Release Title - official name of the song - don't add featured artist here - just the song name

  • Buy Link - this is your chance to direct your fans to a place to buy your music - Apple Music, Google Play and website download links work best here

  • Album Title - if the song is part of an album compilation - list it here

  • Record Label - if your not with a label just list your artist name here or leave blank

  • Release Date - the official date the song was added to resources like Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal etc.

  • Barcode - if your song is related to a vinyl or hard copy then you should have a bar code - use it here

  • Explicit Content - is the song edited or is there curse words/sexually explicit lyrics

  • ISWC - The ISWC (International Standard Musical Work Code) is a unique, permanent and internationally recognized reference number for the identification of musical works. You can get this from ASCAP - which means you have properly registered your work and have received a ISWC code.

  • P-Line - notice that will identify the owner of the rights in the original sound recording (the masters) at the time that the CD/carrier/file was manufactured.

soundcloud permissions

The last thing you want to do when properly uploading your songs to Soundcloud is the permissions. Enabling things like downloads, including in RSS feed and displaying embed codes are all equally important. We have had many users who submit their Soundcloud songs for promotion with us who do not select the check mark for 'display embed code'. This makes it difficult to get more listens from things that can be beneficial for your as an artist such as blog inclusions and press releases. Yes there are plenty of listeners on Soundcloud but what about the people who find out about your song through a post on a popular blog or press release. When you disable the 'display embed code' option you are counting yourself out from thousands of possible plays from sites off Soundcloud who still use Soundcloud embeds as a way to let their listeners hear your new song.


An artist on the rise by the name of Russ Diemon has been pretty open about his rise to fame. He attributes much of his success due to Soundcloud and has stated that all he did was add a new song to Soundcloud every week for several years consistently. This may have worked for him but we believe you can make it in the music industry with less than ten total uploads. Instead of adding new music every week and hoping that a few listens will turn in to thousands and then to hundreds of thousands you should upload less music but make it your best music. Getting your music properly mixed and mastered will do wonders for what we call 'repeat-ability'. This means that many Soundcloud users add songs they like to their daily playlists. Then they access these playlists during certain times of the day (like shower-time, driving from work or before bed) giving you a chance to get at least 3 listens per day from one user which equates to about 90 plays per month. Not getting added to your followers daily playlists will lead to plenty of missed listens in your overall stats. The main question is how do you know which songs of yours to upload to Soundcloud. Every artists probably thinks every song of theirs is one of their best songs but truth be told it probably isn't. Especially since artists get better with time it is best to upload less often but be more strategic with your uploads. A few good rules to live by when deciding what to upload can be found below

  • before I upload this song, is this a song I would invest further in for things like - real Soundcloud promotion

  • before I upload this song, is this a song I would make an official music video to

  • before I upload this song, is this a song that's trending or already popular by name - like a cover song

  • before I upload this song, is this a song I may end up taking down from Soundcloud a year later

  • before I upload this song, is this a song people or blogs will enjoy talking about

  • before I upload this song, is this a song that fits in to the overall story I want to tell as an artist

An artist who did this really well by the name of 'Bryson Tiller', uploaded a total of seven tracks on Soundcloud (six of them were remixes/cover songs followed by an original release called Don't) before getting discovered by Drake and receiving the co-sign that led to him blowing up virtually over night. All thanks to a great Soundcloud upload strategy!


soundcloud pro unlimited

This step is so important. A Soundcloud PRO unlimited account is one of the best features and tools that Soundcloud has to offer to not just artists on the rise but mainstream artists as well. One of the best features of having a Soundcloud PRO Unlimited account is the ability to actually see what (cities) your listens are coming from. So not only can you decipher that your getting real plays but you can also set up tour dates and shows with venues in particular areas by using this data. Below we have listed some other key features of a Soundcloud PRO unlimited account.

  • Pro stats provide the data you need to plan your releases, connect with your biggest fans, and build your career. Get city stats & traffic sources with Pro Unlimited

  • Double your upload time with a Pro subscription or get limitless storage for your tracks, albums, projects, and back catalog with Pro Unlimited. Get unlimited upload time with Pro Unlimited

  • Pin tracks and playlists to the top of your profile with Spotlight, turn commenting and public stats on or off with quiet mode - by going Pro, you’re in control of your tracks and playlists. Both plans come with Spotlight and quiet mode.

  • With a Pro Unlimited plan, in addition to the above Pro stats, you get city-level stats, which are great for planning tours and releases. Also, you can see the websites and apps where your tracks are getting played. Aside from things like plays generated on blogs or major social networks, you might also see individual pages or playlists on SoundCloud. Seeing your traffic sources is a great way to figure out how to get your tracks played more.


We aren't going to get too deep in to this step because obviously its at the discretion of the artist but it is definitely something that will do wonders for getting more Soundcloud followers. As a fairly new artist it is safe to say that your latest uploads won't make the trending music list any time soon (at least without some heavy strategic promotion). One thing you can do to get your uploads in front of more people is to consider covering your favorite releases. The best strategies for deciding which songs to cover will answer (yes) to the following points.

  • is the song currently trending in real time (is it on the radio)

  • is the song by an artist who has had songs in the top billboard charts in the past

  • is the song relative or in the same genre of music that you currently make

  • is this a song that your current fans and listeners would appreciate from you

  • are you in a position to record your version quickly while the song is still trending

Believe it or not (and we hate saying this) because it is possible to get noticed by the music industry without remixing and covering popular artists songs but in many genres and markets almost all of the artists getting noticed got noticed by doing covers and remixes. The most recent artist to blow up (by the name of Bryson Tiller) actually recorded six remixes/covers before dropping his original song 'Don't, which blew up thanks to a Drake co-sign. Now, how did an artist in his prime like Drake, discover a guy working at Papa Johns in a city like (Louisivlle, KY) that isn't known for having a major music scene? More than likely it was the cover songs and the fact that he remixed a song called "How About Now', which was a popular Drake single. The biggest thing about the remix was that it was actually good. The remix however wasn't the end all be all, it was the fact that he released an original song shortly after while his remix was ramping up views and plays which showed co-signer Drake his potential as an original artist (not a cover artist). Bryson also covered a few other songs but his choices were based on a combination of songs that were trending, songs he personally liked and fit in to his sound. As of today, you won't see those coveted 6 remixes that Bryson Tiller did before getting discovered and you probably won't see it from your other favorite artists who used covers as a way to get noticed either. They quickly remove those covers later to avoid copyright violations and also as a way to cover up their tracks. Most artists aren't in the habit of helping the next big names in the industry because that just creates competition. Which makes the coveted Drake co-sign that much more special. Artists just won't do it.


get soundcloud song featured on blogs

Not all music blogs are created equal. The art to getting more followers from music blogs involves selecting the right blogs to showcase your music. Most of the great music blogs out there have many rules and regulations for getting your music added. It's not as simple as hitting the 'contact' page and pitching your music. You need to know the proper way to get a music blogs attention. Follow the breadcrumbs and see how other artists have gotten featured. Above all else, make great music followed by a high quality cover art, interesting song description and maybe even an official music video. Music blogs enjoy two-way relationships. What this means is yes you can get more listens and follows from getting featured on a popular music blog but are you helping the blog out by getting new visitors to the blog thanks to featuring your music. Music blogs are normally all about statistics and traffic sources, so staying on your mission, doing photo shoots, video shoots and other things it takes to be taken seriously are all things that will help you garner a great relationship with a music blog. Below are a list of things to look for when selecting a music blog to submit your content to:

  • is the music blog targeted towards your genre of music

  • are the artists featured on the blogs home page successful and getting real traffic

  • is the music blog popular - google the name of the blog to find out more about the blog's brand

  • does the music blog share their artists post to platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram

  • does the music blog feature music that you would actually listen to


One of the worst things you can do when trying to get more Soundcloud followers is to buy Soundcloud followers and plays. Buying Soundcloud followers and plays does nothing for your overall scheme and strategy. I can guarantee that artists who actually make it have honestly never wasted their time with fake plays and followers or if they had it was only under the impression that they were getting something real and when they realized they didn't they never wasted their money with that service again. Its very hard to get real followers and this guide we have compiled only includes authentic ways to get more followers organically. It is safe to say that when you are looking to be effective online you need to work with a company that understands how the internet works and what attracts people to a cause. This requires a strategy. Very few companies are helping artists with developing a strategy. It could be because artists to tend to want to be very cheap when it comes to real promotion or marketing not just their music but their brand in general. Find a company that provides services like music website design (this helps get more Soundcloud followers). Use a company that can get your songs added to music blogs (this is another real way to get more followers) but not always the end all be all. Find a company that knows how to promote cover songs and can get you real plays and real promotion so you can make it in to top Soundcloud charts. Use a company that is trusted and proven to get artists results. Follow the bread crumbs when making your decision. If your going to sites like and other sites that you will never be able to tell which artists they helped (odds are their fake plays and type of services they offer have helped no one. 

This 2017 guide to getting more Soundcloud followers was created by Juss Russ Digital Marketing. Juss Russ Digital Marketing is a music marketing company that offers a plethora of services designed to help artists grow their brand online and reach milestones they never thought possible. Juss Russ Digital Marketing provides Soundcloud promotion but it is important to note that the artists who have reached the biggest milestones thanks to their work didn't just order Soundcloud promotion all the time. They took advantage of their web design services, they signed up for a personal music marketing manager to discuss cover song ideas, enhanced strategies and how to get paid for their music by releasing songs and albums to Apple Music, Google Play, Pandora, Tidal and more. One service will not get you notice by a major record label, it takes a consistent strategy over time. Get with a company who has incorporated strategy repeatedly over the years and be prepared to listen. Cocky artist who think they can do EVERYTHING on their own, never make it. If your this type of artist save your money and do just that 'EVERYTHING' yourself. Nine times out of ten your music isn't great and your probably not super confident about it. Artists who make it to the next level will do any and everything they can to make it. For them (not making it) isn't an option. So they seek, they find, they use authentic marketing strategies and then they conquer.