Instagram Story Feature: Rep your City/State on Instagram with Juss Russ Radio

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Juss Russ Radio is helping musicians and artists around the entire country rep for their city/state in our Instagram Story highlight feature. When you follow us on Instagram @jussrussradio, tag us in your best music video via an Instagram post and mention your city/state - within minutes you will be added to that city/state’s highlight reel on our Instagram account. Hundreds of our fans and thousands each week go to our highlight reels and select their favorite cities and states to see which artists are featured for that state. They'll get to hear and see a snippet from your video along with the option to "reply" with fire emoji's or a thumbs down emoji. Each week the artist with the most fire emoji replies will be reached out to by our staff for a free promotion campaign of their choosing offered by Juss Russ Digital Marketing. We can't wait to help our listeners find the next big thing in their neck of the woods.


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To take advantage of this free opportunity you need to at least be following us on Instagram

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Next you will need to tag us in your best music related video. You can do this by simply going to the comments section of an already posted video and typing @jussrussradio followed by your city/state you reppin

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Finally once you have done these steps give us a few moments to get you added to your city/states highlight reel on our Instagram page.