SoundCloud Playlist Promotion - Get Plays, Likes and Comments for your Sets

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SoundCloud Album/Set/Playlist Promotion is the most effective way in 2018 to get authentic plays, likes and comments for your SoundCloud sets. Now that SoundCloud has added the “album feature” you can now get SoundCloud album promotion as well. With our SoundCloud Album Promotion service you can get each track in your album/set or playlist an equal amount of exposure. What we do is we set a goal or a number of plays for each song that is available on your SoundCloud Playlist. Currently we just offer our starter package which targets 1000 real plays for each song on your SoundCloud playlist (up to 20 songs). We charge $12.50 per song on the album when it comes to promoting a SoundCloud playlist, set or album. So as an example lets say you submit an album or playlist on SoundCloud that has 4 songs (which is the minimym). We will take our $12.50 rate and multiply it by 4 making it a $50 promotion allowing even exposure for each song in your album.



Pricing: $12.50 per song on the playlist

  • we promote each song on your playlist
  • each song will reach a goal of 1000 new plays
  • we promote up to 20 songs per playlist
  • we accept albums, playlists and sets
  • it takes just 24 to 48 hours for promo to start
  • it takes just 7 to 10 day for promo to complete
  • we submit your song to indie music blogs for features
  • we email blast your playlist to 4,000 subscribers
  • we share your album, set or playlist on Twitter
  • you get a report when campaign is complete
  • your report will detail what we have done
  • fill out the form below to receive purchase form
  • once paid your campaign will begin