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Real Soundcloud Promotion

We offer a 100% organic music promotion experience designed for any and all genres. Choose Juss Russ Digital Marketing for that competitive edge when it comes to organic exposure. Soundcloud has been the go to resource helping unsigned musicians get discovered online. Get your songs heard by real people in 2017.


We partnered up with Juss Russ Radio to provide Soundcloud song upload services to our customers. When you order this service our team will submit your song to be uploaded and promoted on the official Juss Russ Radio Soundcloud page to an audience of 10,000+ real people. Having your song uploaded to a popular page is a great way to garner credibility and reach new fans by combining our platform with yours. Juss Russ Radio appreciates top quality songs and for a good reason. Providing high quality music makes it easier to captivate real people leading to more listens and downloads for the artist song. When your song is uploaded Juss Russ Digital Marketing will also begin promoting your song to a real audience through email blasts, song reviews on indie music blogs and on social media. We will promote your song for 7 days, 14 days or 30 days (depending on your package) and statistically all songs reach between 1,000 and 5,000 real streams depending on your level of service selection. Special songs by polished artists reach five times that much due to the fact that once your song is uploaded (its permanent) unless you elect to one day take it down which you can fill out the form on our contact page to do so. 

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  1. Select your song upload service level
  2. Enter your email to receive your invoice
  3. Once received pay your invoice
  4. Your payment starts the process
  5. Once payment is received we email you
  6. This email asks for your cover art and files
  7. You must provide your file in mp3 format
  8. To get us the song file you can provide a link
  9. Or you may email the song to us
  10. The email also asks for info about the artist
  11. The email asks for info about the song
  12. This info is used to upload your song
  13. You must provide the correct info
  14. Once all information is received by email
  15. Your song is uploaded within 24 hours
  16. Once uploaded we send you the link
  17. Then we start promoting
  18. When your campaign is complete you get a report


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When you order this song upload service we will get your song uploaded to Juss Russ Radio within 48 hours and promote your song for 7 days. 90% of artists who order this package end up with about 1000 to 3,000 plays or more along with other engagement like 'Soundcloud likes', 'Soundcloud reposts', Soundcloud comments' and shares. All uploads are permanent

PRICE: $49.99

soundcloud elite artist song upload hosting


When you order this song upload service we will get your song uploaded to Juss Russ Radio within 48 hours and promote your song for 14 days. 90% of artists who order this package end up with about 5,000 to 7,500 plays or more along with other engagement like 'Soundcloud likes', 'Soundcloud reposts', Soundcloud comments' and shares. All uploads are permanent

PRICE: $99.99

soundcloud rising star song upload hosting


When you order this song upload service we will get your song uploaded to Juss Russ Radio within 48 hours and promote your song for 30 days. 90% of artists who order this package end up with about 10,000 to 12,500 plays or more along with other engagement like 'Soundcloud likes', 'Soundcloud reposts', Soundcloud comments' and shares. All uploads are permanent

PRICE: $199.99


Once you submit this form you will receive an invoice shortly after. An invoice is our form of accepting and processing your payment for song hosting packages. This serves as a contractual agreement when you pay your invoice. The agreement confirms that we agree to upload your song, host it and promote it on Soundcloud.

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Don't put your Soundcloud page in jeopardy buying fake Soundcloud plays, Soundcloud followers, Soundcloud likes or even reposts. Soundcloud can track and see where each listener who visits your pages comes from and if it is a real human listener or bot. You can sign up for a Soundcloud PRO unlimited account to decipher 'real human Soundcloud plays' versus 'fake bot Soundcloud plays.



A great way to get organic listeners and exposure for your latest Soundcloud song is with a music blog submission. In some cases an artist like yourself may wonder how beneficial it can be to get your song added to an indie music blog versus major music blogs like HotNewHipHop, XXL or BillBoard Magazine. The truth is, if you have access to these blogs they are truly great traffic resources and can benefit your career tremendously and depending on your direction as an artist you should go for it. If your in the position of developing a brand, considering an upcoming tour schedule or happen to be an independent artist at the moment you can get great benefits from indie music blogs. 


An indie music blog with dedicated listeners can be a great tool for an up and coming musician due to the fact that the listeners already understand that the music they'll find on these blogs is most likely not on the radio yet. They embrace it, and enjoy supporting new undiscovered music they can share with their friends. This package allows you to submit one song with guaranteed inclusion to at least 2 dedicated indie music blogs. 

  • song submitted to Juss Russ Radio
  • song submitted to Artist Sounds
  • 24 hour customer email support
  • song added to blogs in 48 hours
  • links to blogs that accept you sent via email


Price: $19.99

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This package was designed with the professional artist in mind. Once you are sure that you have reached a point where you have created a high quality song that is ready for feedback from real listeners choose this package to get your first initial boost. We promote your song until you reach between 500 and 1000 new Soundcloud plays. We use email blasts to expose your new song to our subscribers. We then use text based software to notify our network via text message about your song and encourage them to leave feedback via comments. We often repost songs our staff likes to our 10,000 plus followers on Soundcloud which leads to around 3000 more listens in many cases.

Package Details:

  • we promote until you reach 500 - 1000 plays
  • we email blast your song to 1,500 subscribers
  • we submit your song to 2 music blogs
  • majority campaigns reach goal within 72 hours
  • song added to music blogs within 48 hours
  • song email blast sent out within 24 hours

Price: $29.99

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tell your story effectively with an artist interview spotlight


This package was designed to help artists on the rise better tell their story while putting a spotlight on a recent song, playlist or album on Soundcloud. A high quality and informative 'artist interview' can do wonders for artists looking to encourage real music fans to follow or join their mission. An artist interview can also be a great way to focus on a specific 'call to action'. For example: an artist looking to increase their following on social media would have a standout link to their social media accounts on their interview page with a line (or call to action) encouraging users to follow them. Our writers are great at working with musicians and helping them tell their story. They have a knack for turning dull content into something worth reading over and over again. Some of the biggest artists in the music industry have extensive interviews on sites like Rolling Stone and XXL Magazine and these interviews tend to be a high traffic source (meaning many listeners) prefer learning about a new artist in a long-written and detailed interview. Always remember that important people have a story to tell and it's time that yours gets told more effectively. 

Package Details:

  • check out this example interview here
  • artist interview pages live within 48 hours
  • includes a one hour phone consultation
  • includes free customer email support
  • we ask questions fans want answered
  • our writers help spruce up your story
  • great way to showcase your importance

Price: $39.99

soundcloud rising star.JPG


We take pride in being a transparent company where artists can reach milestones in their career through effective strategic marketing. Despite this being a promotion service, strategic marketing is always included due to the fact that all of our campaigns are targeted towards real people. 

Our Soundcloud Rising Star package is designed to take an artist with a buzz worthy track and apply an aggressive strategic promotion that includes: email blasts, song reviews, social media shares and more -- helping quality songs of all genres reach 5,000 real listens in less than 30 days. Works great for added exposure!


Price: $149.99

Package Details:

  • We promote until you reach 5000 plays
  • We target music fans based in the USA
  • We encourage fans to leave comments
  • We encourage fans to follow
  • We submit your song to music blogs
  • Results start in less than 48 hours
  • We share your song on social media
  • We blast your song to 10,000 listeners
  • Campaigns reach goal within 30 days

Must Read Before Placing Order!

In order to guarantee fresh and high quality music for our many listeners who enjoy discovering high quality songs from indie artist it is important that a member of our team approve your song for quality in order to use this service. This will benefit both you and our listeners by making sure we provide them with songs they are most likely to enjoy. This benefits the artist submitting the song by giving you constructive feedback on your song in the event it is not approved for this particular package also helping you save your money by putting it towards other music related expenses and avoiding the possibility of mediocre results from our service.

Follow These Steps To Place Your Order!

  1. Fill out the submission form below
  2. Provide best email to reach you
  3. Provide the link to your song
  4. Submit the submission form
  5. Your submission is reviewed
  6. Invoice sent to email once accepted
  7. Pay invoice to start your campaign
Name *
Examples: Location, Years Doing Music, Past Albums
Example: Who Produced It, Who Wrote It, What's It About


A great way to get more plays on Soundcloud is to combine your campaigns with strategic brand management services provided exclusively by Juss Russ Digital Marketing. Get a professional music websitehire your own personal music marketing managerpromote a YouTube videoget verified on social media, and grow your brand.

Should I Buy Soundcloud Promotion?

Well, that all depends on you. How do you want to market your music? With an over-saturated music industry, it’s really hard to get heard. The more plays, followers, likes and shares you have, the higher your chances of being seen by the people that matter. Buying SoundCloud promotion is just one way of getting there.  

How Do These Soundcloud Services Work?  

Most companies that sell plays, followers and likes are cheap. Extremely cheap. That’s because they increase your plays using automated software, or “bots” that only increase your plays but don’t give you any exposure. Our company first and foremost is a branding company. As with any product, services or company attempting to garner an audience you must first successfully brand your idea by placing your content in strategic places in order to locate your target audience. That's what we do.  

Are The Plays, Followers and Likes Even From Real People?

Our company is one of few, if not the only resource that only provides plays, followers and likes from real people. We do this by opening portals online connecting an audience of real music listeners to your content. We do this through email blasts, landing pages and advertisements displayed of your profile and songs as well as sharing your sounds to our groups through reposts and social media shares.  

Is It Safe?  

Your profiles and sounds will never be in jeopardy of loss of integrity when using our services. We used techniques backed by the Soundcloud community and terms of use. It is 100% safe to use our promotion services as many times and as often as you like.  

How Large Is Your Fan Base or Community?  

Currently our community weighs in at around 138,768 users across our platforms. This community can be broken down based on age, location, interests and genre.  

Do You Accept Songs In All Genres?  

Yes, we accept and successfully promote songs of all genres. We have at least 7,500 die hard indie music fans in each genre. From R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock, Country, Blues, EDM and a ton of sub-genres.  

After I Purchase, When Will My Campaign Start?  

90% of all campaigns start within 48 hours. This can sometimes take longer depending on you providing your campaign manager what's needed in order to successfully start your campaign. We don't need your log in information in order to start your campaign but you can provide us with it for enhanced reporting. Once you make your purchase, your order will be processed. Within a few hours you will receive an email detailing your purchase and what's needed from you in order to get started. Once you reply to that email your campaign will begin.  

If I Have Other Questions, How Can I Get Them Answered?

 If you have any further questions or unique concerns you can send us an email to or you can contact us by phone during business hours at 440.654.1254.  We reply to all inquiries as quickly as we can.  


Every company should offer something for free especially to aspiring musicians who could very well be at different places in their career or could easily be the next big thing. For those just starting out fill out the form below and we will email you asking for your link to the Soundcloud song you would like feedback on! Once its received we will leave a comment on your Soundcloud track with in depth feedback. This process takes less than 24 hours! You can only submit one song per day. If you have multiple songs you must come back the next day to submit again. Anyone who violates this will no longer be able to receive free in depth feedback on their songs in the future.

Name *