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Real Spinrilla Mixtape Promotion

Spinrilla showcases itself to be one of the top growing leaders in free mixtape providers distributing thousands of free mixtapes from both major and independent artists on its platform. Besides being one of the largest growing mixtape providers its also proving itself to be one of the most popular mixtape resources for millennial music listeners; a task that major budgeted platforms like SpotifyTidal HiFi and many others are attempting to win over. For independent artists, this means that using Spinrilla can be a very rewarding place to upload and share your latest mixtapes and projects for promotion making it easier to get discovered by music fans and major artists co-signs. 

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Get In Front Of Real People

Don't put your Spinrilla page or mixtape in jeopardy buying fake Spinrilla plays, fake Spinrilla mixtape views and fake Spinrilla downloads. Spinrilla can track and see where each listener who visits your pages comes from and if it is a real human listener or bot. You can visit your stats page on Spinrilla to see where your listeners are coming from which will help you decipher "real Spinrilla plays" vs "fake Spinrilla plays." Many users on the platform look to buy Spinrilla viewsbuy Spinrilla plays and buy Spinrilla downloads but this is the wrong way to go about it. To really push your music to a live audience you need real Spinrilla promotion that provides an organic approach and incorporates music blogs, email blasts and social media shout outs for added exposure

Submit Spinrilla Mixtape to Music Blogs

A great way to get organic listeners and exposure for your latest Spinrilla uploads and Spinrilla mixtapes is with a music blog submission. This package allows you to submit one mixtape with guaranteed approval to at least 2 music blogs with the possibility of getting picked up on up to 5 top indie music blogs. Submit one mixtape at a time and get people talking about your music projects.

  • mixtape added to jussrussradio.com
  • mixtape added to artistsounds.com
  • mixtape review written on the artist
  • mixtape review sent to 4 indie music blogs
  • links to blogs that accept you sent via email
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Spinrilla Promotion


  • Weekly promotion for mixtapes
  • You get a review on our news page 
  • We guarantee real human listeners 
  • We provide a links, stats, data report 
  • Submission to indie music blogs
  • Great way to try out our services 
  • Stop your subscription at any time 
  • 24 hour customer email support
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Spinrilla Promotion


  • Mixtape/Song promoted for 30 Days 
  • Tape/Song featured on news page
  • We assign you a campaign manager 
  • Music Page added to Artist Sounds
  • We guarantee real human listeners 
  • We provide a weekly statistics report 
  • Submission to indie music blogs
  • Email Blast to 7K music subscribers 
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Spinrilla Promotion


  • Do you have a buzz-worthy mixtape
  • Looking for guaranteed results
  • Do you need real viral promotion
  • We guarantee real human listeners
  • Simply select desired goal/reach
  • We promote until goal is reached
  • All goals reached in 90 days or less
  • You can pick a song or mixtape
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Should I Buy Spinrilla Plays, Views & Downloads?  

Well, that all depends on you. How do you want to market your music? With an over-saturated music industry, it’s really hard to get heard. The more Spinrilla views, Spinrilla downloads and Spinrilla plays you have, the higher your chances of being seen by the people that matter. Buying Spinrilla promotion is just one way of getting there.  

How Do These Spinrilla Packages Work?  

Most companies that sell plays, followers and likes are cheap. Extremely cheap. That’s because they increase your plays using automated software, or “bots” that only increase your plays but don’t give you any exposure. Our company first and foremost is a branding company. As with any product, services or company attempting to garner an audience you must first successfully brand your idea by placing your content in strategic places in order to locate your target audience. That's what we do.  

Are The Plays, Views and Downloads Even From Real People?  

Our company is one of few, if not the only resource that only provides plays, views and downloads from real people. We do this by opening portals online connecting an audience of real music listeners to your content. We do this through email blasts, landing pages and advertisements displayed of your profile and songs as well as sharing your sounds to our music groups and communities through music blogs submissions and social media shares.  

Is It Safe?  

Your profiles and sounds will never be in jeopardy of loss of integrity when using our services. We used techniques backed by the Spinrilla community and terms of use. It is 100% safe to use our promotion packages as many times and as often as you like.  

How Large Is Your Fan Base or Community?  

Currently our community weighs in at around 138,768 users across our platforms. This community can be broken down based on age, location, interests and genre.  

Do You Accept Songs In All Genres?  

Yes, we accept and successfully promote songs and mixtapes of all genres. We have at least 8,500 die hard indie music fans in each genre. From R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock, Country, Blues and a ton of sub-genres.  

After I Purchase, When Will My Campaign Start?  

90% of all campaigns start within 48 hours. This can sometimes take longer depending on you providing your campaign manager what's needed in order to successfully start your campaign. We don't need your log in information in order to start your campaign but you can provide us with it for enhanced reporting. Once you make your purchase, your order will be processed. Within a few hours you will receive an email detailing your purchase and what's needed from you in order to get started. Once you reply to that email your campaign will begin.   

If I Have Other Questions, How Can I Get Them Answered?  

If you have any further questions or unique concerns you can send us an email to info@thejussruss.com or you can contact us by phone during business hours at 440.654.1254.  We reply to all inquiries within 24 hours.