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One of the best ways to get exposure outside of your network is by incorporating an effective SEO music marketing strategy. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is the art of incorporating strategies designed to take advantage of brand and product placement within a series of search results. Most people who are familiar with SEO are more commonly than not familiar with it in relation to Google search results. But, SEO can be used for more than just the top search engines like Google or Yahoo and Bing and should be a part of every musicians core strategy. Many of the most popular music sites have search engines built within them to help their large audiences explore through content finding results based on words they use in the search box. 


branding your music

SEO for musicians can be used in reference to YouTube search, Soundcloud search and many of the top music related resources. Even Itunes has a search engine. However, SEO and doing it effectively really is solely dependent on ones strategy. Effective SEO takes an understanding of people and how they use different resources. It also incorporates things like keywords, traffic research and how the majority of people use search engines. People use search engines differently depending on the platform. For example, the way users search on Soundcloud will be different than how users search on Google or Facebook and Twitter.

If people can't find you or your brand, then how will they be able to find your songs. Your songs and your products are an extension of your brand. This means that typically online a user will find out about the artist/brand (in this case we will use unsigned artist Chase Heinze) and will search his name on sites like Google, or music search engines like Soundcloud or the Google Play store. When they find you on Google they have a concise resource to all of the profiles that contain extensions to your songs/products. Let us help develop your brand on Google and leave the strategy and hard work to one of our branding professionals.

People Must Be Able To Find Your Artist Brand On Google:

If a thousand people right now went to type in your name on Google Search, what would they find? Would they find you? Would they find someone else also known by your brand name? It's important to establish yourself on this widely popular search engine because true fans tend to want to find more of your content and the most reliable resource by most of humanity when it comes to finding things is Google. Today things have changed and how you show up for your name on Google is like the modern day Resume. It's the modern day copyright! So you have ASCAP and BMI but you don't show up for your own copy-written name? Do a Google search for your name as we speak and return to this site. 

The Benefits of a Well Established Google Search Presence:

  • New and Current Fans will be able to find you on the sites that they use often: like Facebook and Twitter.
  • It gives potential fans and listeners an easy and one stop resource to find all of your related brand content.
  • Labels want to search your name on Google and see loads of trending content about you. Like a resume.
  • People trust the Google search results therefore they will compare your results to those of a major artists. 
  • Every popular music website has a "search engine," which means users and fans have many ways to find you, but you must show up. You can hire one of our music marketing managers to get started.